Where to Find World of Warcraft Apparel

If you’re one of over seven million people then you’ve played and probably got addicted to Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft. Whether you play in your mom’s basement or casually on your laptop in between classes, chances are you’re going to be wearing some sort of clothing. Luckily, for any World of Warcraft fan, there’s apparel to let people know that you’re one of the millions that enjoy raiding towns or exploring dungeons with a ragtag group of heroes. Tucked neatly in back of a product catalog that came with the Burning Crusade expansion, I came across numerous different kinds of apparel, all of which are surprisingly good.
The first set of clothing advertised comes directly from Blizzard and is a series of normal and novelty T-Shirts, all of which are excellent for casual wear. One of the most notoriously annoying enemies in World of Warcraft is the murloc and has since become known for its signature sound, which is halfway between a battle cry and someone gurgling. The shirt depicts a murloc on the back of the shirt with the signature garbled battle cry on the front. Another novelty shirt consists of the question “How Big is Your Sack?” with a picture of numerous sacks that can be attained in the game. The back of the sack shirt is a depiction of the menu that would appear when a sack is opened in the game with numerous items included inside of it. The final sets of shirts that are offered from Blizzard are Faction shirts. Anyone who has played World of Warcraft knows that the two sides are Alliance and Horde; both have a shirt representing each with their respective crests.

While Blizzard Entertainment offers shirts, Blizzard offers numerous different forms of clothing. Hats, hoodies, shirts, buttons and many others are all available in a host of novelty designs. One such example is a hat that has a yellow exclamation point on it, which is the symbol for a quest giver in World of Warcraft. Numerous other designs include places of interest made to look like retreats and again faction specific crest designs.

Surprisingly enough, the World of Warcraft apparel is mostly under $20 per item. Many video game clothing and clothing for that matter usually goes for much higher prices. So, the next time you have an urge to show your love for World of Warcraft, consider looking at www.Blizzard.com and www.Jinx.com/Blizzard for all of your World of Warcraft apparel needs.


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